SPOTLIGHT: Cake Plus-Size Resale

March 7, 2018



I had the amazing opportunity to interview Cat Polivoda, the founder and creative force behind Cake Plus-Size Resale.  So who is Cat? “I am a social justice minded and liberal woman who has very outspoken values and they shine through in my life and work” Cat communicates with such confidence and I was thinking ‘Yesss this is amazing’! because in other words, she’s a total badass! and I felt this as soon as I started talking to Cat.  She has such raw energy that just radiates to you and this was despite the fact that she wasn’t feeling that great when I met her.

We need more women like this in our society! Women who start things, follow their dreams, work their asses off for the things that they are passionate about, women all the younger girls can look up to and say “I want to be just like her.”  Now onto Cake Plus-Size Resale…

Cat Started Cake Plus-Size Resale about 4 years ago as an online store although at first it was known as Cat’s closet. She officially opened up her store last year in October and has made Cake Plus-Size Resale a place where people walk in to shop and have amazing conversations on body positivity. “I guess when I was younger people looked to me for styling advice and I realized that the plus size fashion industry is an underserved market and that there was a niche for it in Minnesota.” She says when I ask her why she decided to open up her own resale store.

“Cake Plus-Size Resale is working to fill the void in accessible plus-size fashion. It’s a Fiercely body positive and fat positive space!” Cat exclaims and emphasizes that “many place have some plus-size styles (though, most resale shops have a very limited amount) but sometimes folks have negative experiences shopping at standard resale shops or the typical plus-size retailers”. In the future of Cake, she’s dreaming of multiple locations in Minnesota and says, “While I would consider doing a line at some point that’s just what it is – a possible avenue to go down. It’s something I’m asked about often but not in my plans at this time.”

With some of her favorite designers being Melissa McCarthy for seven7 jeans (which was just discontinued), Monif C and Jibri, Cat tries to make Cake plus size resale an urban stop shop for plus-size women in the twin cities, so it’s important for her to stock up the store with fashion-forward, cool, unique and contemporary pieces. This constitutes one of her biggest challenges since people bring in all sorts of clothes but she’s determined to maintain a very trendy and contemporary feel.

Cat has been trying to expand her base in Minneapolis through her social media. One of the ways she’s been able to reach such a huge demographic has been through utilizing both Facebook and Instagram accounts.  She believes that one of her most successful ways to reach people and engage people on Instagram has been through the  Cake plus size Resale Instagram  stories of some behind the scenes moments of her or her assistant showing their followers new collections! This has really helped to show people that Cake plus-size resale is all about having fun while shopping and celebrating body positivity.

The fashion industry is going through a slow but progressive revolution and trying to be a little more inclusive. “We need more variety on runways and we just don’t need token girls in the industry, we need to see some true representation.”  Cat emphasizes during our amazing conversation on diversity within the fashion industry and on designers who will say that their shows are diverse but only have one plus size woman, one black girl, one Asian girl out of a lineup of fifteen, tall similar-looking white women. We are all tired of this happening over and over again and would love to see change, and as much as we feel like we are getting somewhere with this, we aren’t getting there fast enough! Which is why I love meeting amazing entrepreneurs like Cat who’ve established stores such as Cake Plus-Size Resale which push for inclusivity within the industry.

Some past events that Cat has hosted at her store have been a Summer preview event and a goal setting series in January, a Fashion week and arcs value pop up at surly in September, and a valentines Lingerie event (Cake after Dark) where burlesque performers styled the ladies!

…and for this spring Fashion Week, Cat and her team have something amazing lined up.

“While I’ve attended some FWMN events, my first involvement was last year when I collaborated with Michelle Raven of Arc’s Value Village to do a Pop Up Shop & Panel Discussion focused on plus-size fashion.” Cat mentions and you can check out the collaboration here.

Cat and her team are preparing a Festival fashion pop up shoot with live models, and a food truck, which is going to be on  April 25th at her store On Bloomington Ave in South Minneapolis! “While we brainstormed the idea months ago, we’re starting to get more focused – deciding on a food truck, starting to curate collections in line with our three festival styles, getting things together for our model call, etc!” she says this about all the preparations that she’s making for the event which is all very exciting and we hope to see you all there!

By Faith Ndung’u.