SPOTLIGHT: Global Fashion, Local Flair

March 13, 2018



“We believe it is important to act locally, think globally when it comes to our lush, rich local fashion and retail scene,” remarks Allison Wertmann-Radnich, of the Edina boutique Dugo, one of the boutiques being featured at the FWMN Global Fashion, Local Flair event. “But since someone can rarely make it in business on local support alone, we must reach out globally for inspiration, resources, and ultimately success.”

Minnesota is home to many women-owned local boutiques, and our FWMN event- Global Fashion, Local Flair which aims to highlight amazing female entrepreneurs and their contributions to the Minnesota fashion community. In its 12th year of business, Dugo—short for “dress up go out”—struggles to extend its presence in the community, which is why Wertmann-Radnich felt it was perfect to collaborate with FWMN and bring more attention to the independent and local fashion boutiques of the Galleria in Edina.

“As Minnesotans, being equal distances from the coasts results in an amalgamation of influences, therefore it’s just as easy to look internationally for our fashion inspiration as it is to look locally. Minnesota’s history as homesteaders and stalwarts of America’s blue-collar economy is something we take a lot of pride in displaying. Minneapolis is a global center of industrial trade but keeps strong Midwest values, and you can see that in how we personalize our fashion statements by mixing our heritage traditions—like warm knits, elaborate art in stitching or embroidery—with our well-known love of international luxury brands.”

Along with international influences, according to Wertmann-Radnich, local Minnesota fashion combines creativity with functionality and comfort. “We are uniquely unbound by convention or expectations because the fashion world’s discovery of Minnesota talent is still being explored. Therefore, risk taking is surprisingly low-risk, which promotes freedom of creativity,” she states. Because of the extreme weather in our state, fashion must work to fit both the lifestyle of the wearer and the season, while still leaving room for some level of creativity. “As I observe Minnesota fashion statements, I see themes of community empowerment, battling the elements, and freedom of expression through what we wear every day.”





To participate in this community empowerment and support local boutiques, including Dogo, Roe Wolfe, and Big Island Swim and Surf, join us at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 28th at the Galleria in Edina. Experience local fashion with international influences while enjoying the company of seasoned fashion experts and fellow fashion enthusiasts. The afternoon will feature live modeling, exclusive pop-up shops, snacks, sips, and more.


By Sydney Sturm