SPOTLIGHT: Crosswalk: Minneapolis’ New & Improved Runway

March 28, 2018



While walking the city streets, one may notice the fabulous attire strutting the crosswalk outside of Cliché Boutique in Uptown Minneapolis. Cliché store hosts “Crosswalk,” a traveling fashion show featuring the boutique’s spring collection. Local designers Jenny Carle and Mikaela Harrod, revolved their looks around the boutique’s theme for this season, high school pep rally. “We decided to throw a pep rally!” Cliché eagerly exclaimed.

The Uptown clothing store “is a boutique that tries to be on trend without losing the integrity of quality.” The fashion establishment aims to provide couture that is not only interesting and beautiful but has simplicity and an easiness to it. Customers will not have difficulty finding “an ever-changing selection of labels that exemplify our mission…easy, interesting, beautiful.”

With the fashion community continuously growing in the Twin Cities, Cliché attempts to welcome “runway fashion” into everyday wear through its collections. The thriving boutique sets out to prove that customers “don’t have to go to extreme measures to update [their] look[s], it can be just a few pieces…” Plus it gives local designers the opportunity to sell their designs to “the everyday consumer” while gaining support within the fashion culture. And this is what Crosswalk is all about, morphing fashion into an experience rather than a stale trip to the mall.

“We just try to make sure Minneapolis has a touch point in fashion.” The boutique understands that runway culture cannot be forced to be liked in Minnesota. “…we try and be a bit more sensible – but our culture is really artist supportive, and you can take some of [these fashion] inspirations and make them more accessible.”

Crosswalk collection presented by Cliché welcomes spring with open arms as models transform the street’s crosswalks into high-fashion runways. While Minnesotans are experiencing a Midwest spring with mountains of snow lingering on the city streets, “it is [still] spring in Minnesota! [It’s] time to get out of all of our comfortable ruts and go try something new.”


By Parker Hunstiger