10 Reasons Why You Should be Attending FWMN

April 13, 2018



1. Because it connects designers, retailers, and consumers in a creative and unique way. This week-long celebration of Minnesota fashion includes panels, pop-up shops and more where fashion enthusiasts alike can mingle and get to know the local industry.

2. Because we’re proud to highlight ethical and thoughtful lines that not only look good, but do good. A lot of our highlighted designers focus on using ethically-sourced and reusable materials you can be proud to flaunt.

3. Because our evens create conversations on diversity, whether it be shape, size, color, etc. We represent everyone loud, proud and most definitely fashionably.

Image by Ella Sophia Photography

4. Because our generous sponsors are part of what make us so fabulous. We couldn’t do it without our Minnesota-based sponsors who help us promote and support local designers and creatives

5. Because we have gained a drool-worthy following. Each year, thousands of MN’s most enthusiastic fashionistas flock to our events. No matter your style, there’s we have an event that is sure to tickle your fancy. Our attendees always dress to impress.

6. Because there’s so many ways you can get involved. Whether you’re a designer, a model, an aspiring volunteer, a potential sponsor or a stylish spectator, you’ll fit right in at FWMN. There’s room for everyone at FWMN.

7. Because we take pride in what we do. We are extremely proud in the designers we highlight, the brands we promote and the state we all hail from. We incorporate themes, missions and our Minnesota pride in all aspects of FWMN and it’s nothing but the best.

8. Because there’s nothing like it. Our shows and designers speak for themselves. Attend FWMN, and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

9. From Co-Founder Jahna Peloquin: “Supporting local businesses and designers is my number-one reason. And the absolute best way to support them is to buy a ticket to an event—and better yet—spend your dollars on goods by those brands.”

10. Also from Jahna: “It’s a great way to get plugged into the local fashion community and connect with other creatives. It also gives people who follow each other on Instagram the chance to meet IRL!”

By Hannah Fox