Sponsor Highlight: The Creative’s Counsel

April 17, 2018



Fashion Week MN would not be possible without the tremendous help from all of our event producers and sponsors, including our legal sponsor, the Creative’s Counsel. We wanted to take the time to highlight the wonderful work that the Creative’s Counsel does and thank them for all that they do for FWMN!

The Creative’s Counsel, a proudly woman-owned company, was first established by Wynne Reece, as an arm of her law firm Reece Law, LLC. Reece began her law firm after passing the bar in October of 2013, under the mentorship of her father, Jim Reece, who had spent 35 years of his own working at a large litigation firm. At the same time that she established her firm, Reece was operating a wedding planning company, so she recognized the need for affordable legal work for the small business community.

Because of this underserved community she had found in her experience in wedding planning, in 2015 Reece began the Creative’s Counsel as a way to serve small businesses in the creative realm. After hearing so many times that lawyers were scary, expensive, and didn’t understand small business, Reece set out to provide legal assistance to creatives and makers that was affordable, accessible, approachable.

“I believe in their vision, and I believe that they are instrumental to our future—in some way, whatever way that may be,” said Reece when asked why she feels so passionately about helping creatives. “My truest joy is helping others feel secure in their business endeavors, so that they can pursue their passions.”

Her focus, she explained, is to alleviate the fear that many creatives and small business owners have surrounding the cost of legal support and the attorney’s ability to understand the mission and vision of their company. This is why the Creative’s Counsel offers free legal education, and strives to inquire and care about the people behind the businesses they represent. “No matter the size of one’s business, there are legalities that should be in place to protect not only the business, but the people behind the business. I have found that many clients know that they need legal work, but don’t even know where to begin, so we start at the beginning–at the inception of the idea. If you simply look at the business in a black and white way, without getting to know the passion and dreams behind the business, you can’t protect the business as thoroughly.”

As a woman from a small business background that grew up as the daughter of two business minds, Reece feels she can relate on a deeper level with the struggles and triumphs that come with building a business. Reece and the Creative’s Counsel became involved with FWMN through the Twin Cities community, and she was immediately interested in protecting the amazing platform she saw forming for the Minnesota fashion community. “I always love FWMN because of the platform it creates for local creatives to showcase their innovation and creation process, infused with heart and soul. It is impossible to leave a FWMN event feeling less than inspired.”

Today, the Creative’s Counsel has two partners and four contract attorneys, along with administrative assistance. The firm has a deep commitment to equality, inclusivity, and pro-bono practice. Additionally, they have an established a diversity initiative that includes internal and community drive components. To learn more about the Creative’s Counsel, click here.

By Sydney Sturm