5 Must Haves For a Successful Fashion Week

April 28, 2018



With fashion week in the Twin Cities currently underway, designers, models, and viewers are starting to check some primary boxes off their checklists. As anyone would know, there are various aspects that go into a fashion show, much less fashion week. With shows, events, and many stylish enthusiasts attending each and every activity, there is an overwhelming amount of preparation needed to reach success. Here are the five must haves needed to have a successful fashion week.

1. Show Stopping Attire

The fashion world is a place filled with just about everything. Simplicity and extravagance are best friends in a world that harbor’s normality. Being in a world that’s consistently colorful and eccentric all of the time requires fashionistas to dress the part. With so much creativity hidden around every corner, fashionable clothing is essential when attending a fashion show. It’s a chance to showcase your own personal style to other trendsetters while thriving in the midst of the artistic craziness of fashion week.

2. A Good Pair of Heels

As any stylist knows, heels are the go-to shoe at any fashion event. Heels are a three-in-one statement piece that tone your calves, can be worn with literally anything, and let the wearer feel on top of any situation. They’re a major confidence booster. Fashion week is all about “the look” of people, therefore a good pair of heels is a necessity that not only completes your look, but let’s yourself “own the moment.”

3. Eccentric Makeup

While clothing is the main attraction at any fashion show, makeup ties everything together and can change the perspective of any outfit depending on what look you’re going for. Makeup can transform anyone into anything, that’s the magic of it. Hard or soft, colorful or neutral, makeup makes or breaks a look and every person at any fashion event has some sort of eccentric makeup ensemble.

4. An Open Mentality

In the fashion world, you never know what’s going to happen because literally anything can happen at the drop of a hat. You never know who you’re going to meet or who’s going to be interested in your look. Opportunities are everywhere in the fashion world, it’s as if they float in the air waiting for people to grab them. Be sure to be open to talking and interacting with everyone. The fashion community is small and if you participate actively in it, you’ll start to notice the same people attend each and every event. Meeting new people and keeping an open mind is how fashionistas are able to collaborate on pending projects, get inspired, and make lifelong friendships with fellow models, designers, and innovators.

5. A Fashion Squad

Sitting on the sides of the runway while watching piece after piece of art strut down the catwalk is an experience that’s indescribable. While fashion shows are an extremely fun time, attending one by yourself isn’t so great. You can still appreciate the art displayed in front of you, but you’re forced to keep your opinions and artistic comments to yourself while each look travels down the runway, which isn’t so fun. Be sure to bring a squad with you! Get the girls together and make a day of it. Get pampered, go shopping for an outfit, and walk into the show with your Taylor Swift level squad. Everyone will be jealous of how fashionable you all are, and the picture possibilities throughout the night are endless!

By Parker Hunstiger