May 7, 2018



The Slate Collective show was the perfect beginning to a week: Conversations floating around, the wine pouring, photographers snapping away, soft music playing in the background, a compliment or two being passed around, everyone looking around to see who wore what, a noteworthy observation is that everyone looked stunning and we were all anticipating and hungry for some fashion! Allison Quinell in all her grace walked around chatting away with everyone who attended the show and I’d say that the evening was set for success since the beginning and Allison delivered.

Sophisticated, clean-cut, chic, classy, modern; all the words that come to mind when I think back to the Slate collective show and Allison’s collection. If you missed it, I hope you at least caught a glimpse of it on our Insta stories and on the Slate collective Instagram account. The show’s concept was wildly imaginative and when I asked Allison what drove her to this concept she mentioned that it just came to her in a fleeting moment during her day to day work. The shows’  concept entailed three dress silhouettes: The swing, the slip and the shift. The slip which is my all time favorite silhouette, is an effortless and versatile silhouette that is easy to throw on and can be worn over a tee shirt or on its own. The swing is flattering, feminine and can be paired with a sneakers for a casual look or heels to dress it up. The Swing is a beautiful silhouette, with pockets and this, just like the other silhouettes could be an everyday dress. Three of the six dresses came in black and the other three came in print: a product of a collaboration with Kim Kei.

“I wanted to push the boundaries and create something unimaginable” said Allison Quinell when I asked her what her favorite aspect of the whole planning process was. Allison Quinell having previously worked for brands like Target, The North Face and Old Navy outdid her self with this one of a kind collection. “I want people to be inspired and not only see how you can wear this but see the full spectrum of the looks,’ she expressed when I asked her what she wanted the audience to take away from her work. It was overall a beautiful show and it was amazing see how much people appreciated the show and Allison’s work. “I put my soul into this” is a sentiment that Allison expressed as we chatted at the end of the show and I can’t wait to see more of what she creates down the line.

Written by Faith Ndung’u.

Photography: Amal Flower Kay