Recap: Innovations 2018

May 17, 2018



“Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will.” This quote from Anne Klein was one of the first things that guest saw as they entered Vandalia Tower in St. Paul for Innovations 2018 on March 30th. The event, produced by Sol Inspirations in partnership with Fashion Revolution, featured several designers and brands that focus on eco-friendly and ethical fashion.

The evening began with a social hour where hundreds of guests were invited to enjoy refreshments while shopping several socially responsible brands from the Minneapolis area. The night then moved into a fashion show that was split into three parts. First, student designers competed in the Eco Fashion Design Challenge, where they were challenged to create a look using only found materials destined for landfills. They each chose a theme related to elements of sustainability, and their garments were presented on the runway, where judges chose the eco-challenge winner and guests could vote for the people’s choice award. The second part of the show featured stylists who had created looks using second-hand and vintage pieces from stores and boutiques that emphasized sustainable fashion. Finally, the third section featured several ethical brands with similar values built into their business models.

Overall the night was filled with creative displays of style and design, meant to inspire guests to think twice about where their clothes come from, and the bigger impact that fashion can have on the environment. The various garments displayed on the runway illustrated how unique, one-of-a-kind looks can be created from used clothing or materials. The show invited guests to think outside the box when putting together outfits, and to express their style in more sustainable and ethical ways that can contribute to a better future for our environment.

Thank you to Sol Inspirations and Fashion Revolution for hosting this amazing event, as well as to all guests who attended! To learn more about the designers and brands featured at the event, and to see all of the runway looks, check out the Innovations webpage.

By Sydney Sturm