May 19, 2018



CAKE Fat Festival Fashion, outside flyer

Festival fashion isn’t just for the model body type, anyone can wear festival fits and look great. Cake Plus-size resale held its Fat Festival pop-up shopping event at its store in South Minneapolis. Upon walking inside the store, it is well light with a welcoming atmosphere. Cake Fat Festival Fashion event’s goal was to center “plus-size fashion and promotes body positivity.” You can also see a sign near the register declaring you are in ‘a body positive zone’. Shoppers are encouraged to embrace all bodies, abilities and genders. This display of inclusivity sets the tone for the whole event. Attendees are able to shop in a comfortable environment without feeling left out like they would at other (less body inclusive) retailers. Outside attendees can take a pic at the Photo Booth or a grab quick bite to eat at the Chicks on Wheels food truck.

CAKE Fat Festival Fashion, Two models

The store was sectioned by local festivals it drew inspiration from such as SoundSet, Rock the Garden and Infrasound Music. Each area had pieces and live mannequins to display looks from each festival. One live mannequin (read: model), Paxyshia Yang explains, “It was important to use live models so guests could see specific outfits put together for the festivals. I think it was also important for more representation to be seen for guests coming in and like they weren’t alone or left out of things. Although plus size mannequins are great, they aren’t real and can be exaggerated or made to look unlike normal plus size people. With live models, you could see wide hips and a stomach with a bigger chest. A real fat person.”

Paxyshia, who is a blogger and media influencer, also added “I think festival fashion can seem non-inclusive at times because it’s often highlighted with thinner and more industry like figures (thin and tall) on Instagram and magazines. It can feel like sometimes plus size people weren’t meant to even attend because we see no one there. I think with event like the one Cake held, we can change that and really show people that we are here and not to be pushed aside.”

CAKE Fat Festival Fashion, Instagram