RECAP: Cliché Presents Crosswalk: Pep Rally

June 11, 2018



Fashion is universally understood as a rarity that presents itself through aspects of originality. This community is all about bringing forth new ideas and aspirations while allowing everyday people to view something as simple as a white t-shirt, from an entirely different perspective. The newfound angle is apparent through the designer’s or stylist’s vision, which essentially is a small taste of the universe he or she is presenting; the collection the innovator is bringing forth to the world. During Fashion Week, I was able to step into a different universe each show I attended, worlds so vastly varying that my mind could barely hold the creative contents swimming within it.

As I recall the many events of Fashion Week, one event I attended continuously stood out, sticking to the walls in my brain forcing itself too fall into an unforgettable category. Crosswalk: Pep Rally presented by Cliché, an urban-style boutique located in Uptown Minneapolis, was one of the most creatively executed fashion shows I’ve ever attended, and I’ve sat through my fair share of shows. Open free to the many Midwest fashion enthusiasts and curious onlookers, local designers Jenny Carle and Mikaela Harrod released their 2018 spring collection through the fabulous styling skills of guest artist Abigail Guderian.

Through designers Carle and Harrod and stylist Guderian, the trio was able to demonstrate the high school experience through clothing that incorporated both typical “varsity” attire and innovative twists. The stereotypical cheerleader both blended in and stood out by depicting traditional and outside-the-box aesthetics. The show recreated the glorified moments of the teenage experience while allowing room for the students (models) to demonstrate their individuality through the clothing.

What I really enjoyed about the fashion event was that the runway show was presented within the Cliché boutique and continued out onto the Minneapolis crosswalks where cars and casual passersby could have a sneak peak of the Minnesota fashion scene. Cars paused at red lights witnessed models strutting the crosswalks of the Uptown streets, showing off their garments to the public eye while the seconds counted down to their departure.

Overall, Crosswalk: Pep Rally was an amazing show that I would gladly attend again. I was very impressed by the unique execution of the show, and by the incredible abilities of the showcased designers and stylists. While one cannot experience models walking the city crosswalks every day, Cliché was able to show Minnesota that every person is the model walking their runway each day. Whether it be a sidewalk, road, or a crosswalk, the world is able to be every person’s runway and Cliché was able to demonstrate that to the Midwest.


By Parker Hunstiger

Photography Ella Cochrane