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What is Fashion Week MN?

Founded in 2015, Fashion Week MN is a bi-annual event of runway shows, presentations, panels, and shopping events used to highlight the current collections of Minnesota-based designers, brands, and retailers. The event is organized by Fashion Week MN, a volunteer-run, community-oriented, not-for-profit organization that organizes two fashion weeks each year—a spring edition in April, and a fall edition in September. Annually, FWMN is attended by more than 2,500 attendees at more than 14 events over 7 days.

When is Fashion Week MN?

Fashion Week MN is held in the Fall and Spring every year.  Fall 2021 will be held September 12-18, 2021.  Designers and producers will have an opportunity to apply to be selected to participate in these events for Fall 2021.

How does Fashion Week MN work?

The organization selects events produced by independent producers, brands and designers via an open event proposal process every June and January. Events are accepted based on various factors, including the applicant’s proven track record in producing events, on the quality of the designers’ work featured, and on qualities that reflect FWMN’s values and the needs of the community.  The FWMN Advisory Council selects the proposals for each season’s line-up.

When are tickets available?

Once events will be announced, tickets will be available via

How can I apply to be part of FWMN?

Applications for Fall 2021 for both designers and producers are now closed. Learn more on how to apply at  Models who are interested in FWMN should contact producers or designers that are selected for the lineup.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in Fashion Week MN and support our mission. FWMN does not organize designers, models, stylists or volunteers for events on the FWMN lineup; however, event producers often need to fill these roles. Please contact event producers directly to get involved. Find their contact info listed once the FWMN lineup is announced at

Designers & Vendors:

Reach out to event producers directly to inquire. You can find contact info for each event once the FWMN lineup is announced at


Reach out to event producers directly to inquire. You can find contact info for each event once the FWMN lineup is announced at


Feel free to contact us or visit to learn more.

Photographers, Videographers & Graphic Designers:

Reach out to us directly using the form at the bottom of this page.

Other ways to get involved:

Help us spread the word about Fashion Week MN! Share our Instagram and Facebook posts, or create your own posts to promote and raise awareness of Fashion Week MN and our participating events. 

Buy tickets to events to show your support, and share your event photos with the hashtag #FWMN

Shop local. Find a directory of local fashion designers and participating retailers at

Do you offer press passes to members of the media or bloggers?

All Fashion Week MN events are open to the public, and most are ticketed. Once the lineup is announced, press and media outlets are welcome to inquire for credentials in advance via our contact form at the bottom of this page. Requests will be reviewed and will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

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